You can find Bonnie Stevenson-Wright, the talented lady behind Amber & Indigo on Instagram, or come meet her at the Pop Up on:


Bonnie collage

Bonnie, aka Amber Von Blonde, is the creator and designer of Amber & Indigo lingerie. She started the brand as a creative outlet for what she felt was her inner alter-ego trying to escape. Starting with a small collection and a desire to achieve big things, Amber & Indigo has established itself as a place where women can come to explore their love of the darker side of femininity.

With a background in couturier from London based Sorapol and a former machinist at Bordelle lingerie atelier workshop, quality and a touch of luxury have gone into every garment that Bonnie creates. Her designs are feminine and romantic, yet have a dark and risqué element. Made from the finest quality components including Italian lace, gold plated findings and soft leather, materials are combined into stunning hand made designs. Amber & Indigo lingerie is true luxury to indulge your alter-ego.

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