You can find the talented lady behind Anne-Marie Peters Ceramics on Instagram, or come meet her at The Makers & Shakers Market on Sunday 30 April at the Coburg Town Hall.


Anne-Marie works with stoneware clay and prefers to glaze only parts of her creations because of the organic nature of the ‘naked’ and glazed parts working perfectly together. All her pieces are hand built and start with a ball of clay that gets pinched into shape or rolled into a slab or coils and then gets manipulated into the desired shape. She uses her work to express Zen like moments which capture her thoughts at present time drawing on memories from years of traversing the globe having grown up in Belgium, and since lived in the Middle East, Asia and now Melbourne. Without exception all these different experiences influenced her personal and her work. All together they did change Anne-Marie’s view on the world and her perception of things and stuff. The natural surrounds speak to her in terms of inspiration and are expressed in forms and tonal range.

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