You can find Andrew Burns, the talented guy behind Barocky Chocky on Instagram, or come meet him at the Makers & Shakers on October 15 at the Marrickville Town Hall.



Andrew created Barocky Chocky about 5 years ago as a necessary outlet for his feverish imagination and creativity. Andrew has been in love with mid-20th century commercial art all his life: the sense of fun and education, the wonderful stylisation and colour. He is also a compulsive observer. Andrew decided to combine these passions to see if others appreciated what he did… and we do!

Barocky Chocky’s first product was a handmade book championing Sydney’s electrical substations. The success of this encouraged him to sing the praises of other subjects that spoke to him, and the ideas and themes continue to flow. After the fun of research and choosing a style, Andrew settles down to design everything on his Mac. The cards, prints and book pages are digitally printed by industry leader, Carbon8, in Redfern.The handmade books feature all his own photography.

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