Find benconservato on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 14 October at the Marrickville Town Hall.

Organically coming into being, benconservato has evolved to the creature it is today making articulated hand-painted creatures and smaller 2D artworks, painting and monoprints, of a similar vein. Emma has always been creating in some way. She has an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts (printmaking, photography, painting) has done various residencies in Europe specialising in multi-plate photographic etching and has travelled, lived and worked overseas (artist editions and graphic design the majority of work). Her main range of items are hand-cut and painted creatures. Some fairly normal, a lot imaginary or slightly so. They all have their own personality so are numbered. They are all articulated with metal brads (pins / split pins). They are made with heavy card or watercolour paper painted with gouache and given a spray of gloss to make them more durable.
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