You can find Chantel, the talented lady behind bon lux on Instagram, or come meet her at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 1 April at the Marrickville Town Hall.


BON LUX hand craft botanical perfumes. They make scented soy wax candles, room oil blends and face mists by hand, in beautifully designed gift boxes, in small batches. At BON LUX everything they make begins as a concept; combining flowers, colour, and illustrations into ‘scent stories’. Botanical oils of bark, spices and petals are blended, mixed with wax and poured in small batches for customers all over the world. Their unique and layered perfumes are made from locally sourced oils, essential oils, and where possible from plants locally grown. The finest quality soy wax is used because it’s non-toxic, vegan, contains no palm oil, and is sustainably farmed. Cotton wicks, hand-blown re-usable glass votives, bottles and tins, and non-bleached card boxes are all used to minimise impact on the environment.

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