Find Brett Niven Ceramics on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 4 November at Albert Hall.

Brett Niven Ceramics began his discovery of ceramics in 2010. After being a chef for over 20 years he was looking for a new direction and felt he needed a new artistic outlet. This was found in ceramics. He completed a three-year course which taught him the fundamentals he needed and discovered a true passion for an art form that was created centuries ago. He creates functional pieces that echo his history with food and while they inspire memories of days gone by, they are made with clean lines and colours of modern times. In keeping with traditional times, Brett likes to dig his own clay from local sources. He then processes this into a workable state so that it can wheel thrown into whatever he desires. Glazes are made and developed over several months until he achieves the finish and colour that reflects his surroundings in Mudgee NSW. From the blue of the clear blue sky to yellow of the summer grasses. The final process of firing the stoneware pieces to a high temperature ensures a strong, beautiful finish. Bretts work is being used in restaurants and cafes which is a testament to its durability.

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