You can find Wyan and Kyle, the talented team behind clay canoe on Instagram, or come meet them at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 1 April at the Marrickville Town Hall.


Wyan and Kyle, makers of Clay Canoe, work from their home studio in Newcastle where they are always developing, designing and generally making a mess. They draw inspiration from traditional food vessels to create contemporary textural ceramics. Built to be used daily and form part of your everyday food rituals, Clay Canoe urges appreciation of the present moment. The combination of their skills has meant continual evolution and flexibility in form, surface and function. Collaborating on all aspects of design and production, their work is made from hand rolled clay slabs in a range of Australian stoneware clays. Finished with their own carefully crafted glazes, then fired twice to over 1000C, the whole process takes up to two weeks and involves a great deal of love, patience and passion.

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