Find Doughnut Department on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 4 November at Albert Hall.

Doughnut Department’s doughnuts are treated with love from start to finish – made in store daily from scratch. They are yeast raised, table cut by hand, then fried in their hand-made doughnut fryer. DoubleDs is all about the collaborative process; and are always inspired by the produce and ingredients sourced from people, as locally as possible. Farmers like Emma, who comes from a long line of dairy farmers. Their milk is single source, cows reared on the family property and all of them have a name, which she knows by heart. The cows are milked, the milk processed and bottled on the same property by the family – then delivered direct to us. It’s an outstanding product, but mostly we just really like Emma & her family! Or there is their mate Jimmy who drops off bags of lemons from his trees at home, which are delicious in their Lemon + Olive oil glazed Doughnuts. They can’t wait till his apricot trees are fruiting!

People-to-people is at the heart of what they do. That’s working together means to them and delivers a product that they know inside-out. From their collective hands to yours. Above all, DoubleDs is a venture with a sense of purpose. A conscious business, all about treating their team, producers and customers alike ethically and with open hearts. Building long-term relationships with other small passionate businesses and, most importantly, sharing the love!

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