Find Eat Me Chutneys on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Sunday 12 November at the Coburg Town Hall.

Just like people, fruits and vegetables are rejected for their lumps, bumps and blemishes, twists, kinks and colour. Eat Me Chutneys are a little different (and delicious) because they say, embrace them all! They have set out to promote self-esteem amongst wonky yet gorgeous produce by rescuing produce from smallholder Australian farmers and convert into lip-smacking chutneys. Maker Mum says their chutneys are thoughtful because they choose kindness over profit – and they employ a lady from Sydney Asylum Seekers Centre, use certified Fairtrade sugar/ spices and endeavor to meet all their growers. For this and more, they are a certified BCorporation.

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