Fox + Finn

FinnFox Collage

Fox + Finn is the creation of Interior Stylist/Graphic Designer Natalie Lysaught.

Passionate about colour and texture, and creating soulful, handmade pieces, Natalie decided to finally take on her own venture using her skills to design and create a playful collection of boho and pastel style cushions and wall art.

Natalie designs the cushion prints, print them locally onto premium 100% linen fabrics, and then brings them back to her coastal home where she sew them up and often add 100% leather strapping embellishments or 100% cotton tassels to bring some extra fun to your home!

As well as creating cushions, her wall art is made from acrylic paints, using layers upon layers on primed MDF board, creating textures to add interest and bring personality to any blank wall, whether you use one large one, or a mixture of 3 various sizes.

Find Fox + Finn on Instagram and meet Natalie at our market on Sunday 17 April at the Coburg Town Hall.