Find Karen Allen Art on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Sunday 12 November at the Coburg Town Hall.

Karen Allen is an Illustrator/Artist/Author/Mother/Wife and creator of good things. She lives right next to the ocean with the sea as her backyard and constant inspiration. An obsession with patterning was sparked four years ago which grew into an idea for a book. Twenty-four animals (and several insects) later, Karen worked her way through the alphabet and published her first book, An A-Z of Creatures.

Along with the book, Karen sells a variety of products based on her illustrations from greeting cards to vintage inspired magnetic dolls. She has begun the journey of a second book which has lead to the hand creating of watercolour paints. Karen creates unique packaging and sells the paints in vintage boxes with hand fashioned paint brushes, a completely new level of handmade. The theme through all of Karen’s work is her obvious love of animals and the process of creating unique and beautiful products for her customers to enjoy.

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