Find Karin Dovel ceramics  on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 14 October at the Marrickville Town Hall.

Karin is a Sydney-based ceramicist. She was born in Chicago, and spent her childhood making things and studying art. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics from the University of Illinois in 1994. She moved to Sydney in 2010 and is now an Australian citizen. After a long hiatus from ceramics, she found a wonderful community and began a studio practice again. She is a member of Claypool in Botany, and enjoys being a part of such a diverse and supportive group of makers. Her two loves have always been drawing and clay.

Karin’s line of vases and cups has been developed over the last few years. Slipcasting is a recent addition to her tool-kit, and she appreciates the freedom it allows to explore new styles and designs. Each piece is individually cast in porcelain and then hand-painted. The images are created using a combination of techniques including carving, Mishima, and painting with underglazes. These pieces are infused with a touch of humour, a look into the dark and the light, and a nod to the cheeky graffiti artist.
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