You can find the super talented lady behind Kitty Came Home on Instagram, or come meet her at the Makers & Shakers Market on 24 June at the Woodville Town Hall.

Kitty Came Home design and create pretty purses (and wallets and sleeves and journals and more) as pretty is critically important! Team Kitty love good design, so they also design for functionality and durability.

Kitty Came Home is 100% handmade in Goolwa, South Australia. Owners Katrina Weber and Farley Wright, love working together, designing and making, and are proud to be able to produce a product range that puts so many smiles on the faces of their customers. The joy of being truly handmade is that each item is unique – no two fabric items are ever identical, each is ‘yours’, for you to express  yourself with and to enjoy!

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