Find Land Of Rhi on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Sunday 12 November at the Coburg Town Hall.

Welcome to a land of imagination, of uncomplicated play, where no batteries are required. Land of Rhi was founded in 2017 by self-taught artist and mother of one, Sharee. Following the birth of her son, Sharee saw the need for a simpler, more natural range of toys and décor that inspired her child’s imagination without the use of technology, downloads or electrical devices. Sharee developed a range of interchangeable wooden block sets, playboards, games and décor pieces that are not only decorative but functional too.

Uniquely designed, each piece in the Land of Rhi collection is illustrated by hand featuring Sharee’s own original drawings, and are made to the highest quality and standards, using play safe materials and finishes.

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