You can find the talented Laura Blythman on Instagram, or come meet her at The Makers & Shakers Market on Sunday 30 April at the Coburg Town Hall.


Laura Blythman began her creative career thirteen years ago working in-house as a graphic designer and illustrator for some of Australia’s most well known stationery, gift and lifestyle companies. For the past 5 years however, Laura has happily focussed her time on creating her own artwork collections and developing her own products, as well as working as a freelance illustrator and designer.

Laura’s artwork is a playful and colourful collection of dreamt and imagined landscapes, flora, fauna and magical imagery. She is inspired by her dreams, childhood memories and imaginings, nature, colour, the texture and shadows cast by layering paper. The process of painting, drawing and sketching large sheets of paper only to cut them up into countless pieces and re-assemble into a new artwork is therapeutic and satisfying.

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