You can find Richard and Sechelle the talented team behind Little Brixton on Instagram, or come meet them at The Makers & Shakers Market on Sunday 30 April at the Coburg Town Hall.


Little Brixton was founded in 2012 by Richard and Sechelle, who emigrated to Melbourne from London five years ago. Little Brixton is connected to Richard’s family: his parents Jamaican heritage and their parties Richard was growing up,  where it was all about fun, love, laughter and good food! Each marinade or sauce has a story, which is connected to a place where his parents met Brixton, South London. From Hayter Road to Coldharbour Lane there is a reason each product came into being. The landmarks are real and the stories are based at a time where the West Indian community was establishing itself in Brixton.

So a Little bit of Brixton is here in Melbourne  and they are so excited to bring you their traditional and fusion sauces giving you a bit of that Jamaican flavour in a jar!

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