You can find Louise, the talented lady behind LouiseM studio on Instagram, or come meet her at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 1 April at the Marrickville Town Hall.


LouiseM studio is the ceramics practice of its founder, Louise Martiensen, and her aim is to make beautiful and unusual pieces for the home that can be used every day as well as for special occasions. Working primarily with the slip-casting technique, Louise enjoys it’s ability to produce items quickly in multiples, but also the possibilities it affords for individualisation through a range of techniques and processes that can be applied during and after casting. She draws her inspiration from the world around her, especially from nature, as well as through experimentation with form, colour, materials and techniques. Her favourite part of the job is developing new products and working on new projects, so unsurprisingly, she produces a wide variety of ranges of work. As well her own ranges of tablewares, serving wares and vases, she is also often engaged in commissioned works for clients and customers. Louise believes that seeing the hand of the maker in a piece is a sign of unique beauty, and encourages a greater connection with the objects in our lives. Considering that there are 20 000 year-old pieces of pottery, and the potential for longevity that porcelain has, Louise feels it is important to put a great amount of thought, care and love into her work.

When you buy a piece of LouiseM studio ceramic, you are getting a unique piece that has been made by hand, with passion and a personal touch, which will hopefully be used and treasured for many years to come. LouiseM studio pieces make an appealing adornment to any home, and make great gifts for friends and family (as well as for yourself!). You can find her work in several stores, at the markets she attends, or through her Marrickville studio, which is open by appointment.

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