Bon Lux

BON LUXBon Lux is a range of soy wax candles and room sprays made by Chantel Camilleri, a designer, and self taught perfumer. Each item begins as a unique and multi layered hand-crafted fragrance, is then made into candles or room sprays. These are poured in small batches, and packaged in beautifully illustrated gift boxes.

The Bon Lux natural room sprays feature only three simple ingredients and nothing nasty, and their matching matchboxes are hand stickered to match their votive packaging. Bon Lux is made with love at each step – from sketch to fragrance, to the blending, pouring, hand labelling and packaging – it is all done with an eye on design and a story to tell.

Find Bon Lux on Instagram and meet Chantel at our market on Sunday 17 April at the Coburg Town Hall