You can find the talented team behind Mister TOAST on Instagram, or come meet them at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 1 April at the Marrickville Town Hall.


Zac and Heidi met whilst selling bread at a local organic farmers market. Here they saw the potential to take this well-loved staple (Brickfields Sourdough) and add to it an array of flavours and ingredients which market goers would find hard to resist. Mister Toast was born and now in it’s second year, they continue to create delicious toasties and things on toast. Using mostly house-made ingredients and condiments, such as their Vegan Cashew Cheese, Sauerkraut and Shiitake Bacon, Mister Toast’s mission is simple: keep it local and keep it real.

As a special treat, they will be offering a super limited take-home batch of Cashiso: their handmade vegan cashew cheese which is one of the hero ingredient of their Toasties.

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