Find RJ Crosses Ceramics on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 16 December at the Woodville Town Hall.

Rebecca developed an appreciation for ceramics on an overseas holiday in 2008, she soon began working with clay. What began as a passionate hobby, evolved into her small business – RJ Crosses ceramics. The majority of ceramics she designs and makes are created for their decorative beauty with the intention that they be touched, hung, worn, given and admired.

The most significant inclusion to the variety of ceramics Rebecca makes, are her Christmas decorations. Born out of a desire to create keepsake ceramic ornaments that will last a lifetime, she spends much of her year, designing new lines of Christmas ornaments. All of the ceramics are made by Rebecca in her home studio in Kensington Park, Adelaide and are fired in her kiln.

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