Find Shannon O’Neill on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 16 December at the Woodville Town Hall.

Shannon O’Neill is an Adelaide based contemporary Australian artist. Known for her colourful abstract paintings and her statement jewellery. She explores different media and subject matter, creating her ever expanding body of work. Her A3 prints are created from her original art and photographed under studio lights to pick up all of the detail of the paint and canvas.

Shannon O’Neill’s one-of-a-kind signature jewellery is where art meets fashion, instantly recognisable, bold, colourful statement pieces. Shannon crafts each piece by hand, cutting her original artwork up and sealing in resin to create light contemporary wearable art. The fashion forward collection of earrings and necklaces has developed over the past three years. The earrings range from hoops, large studs to small, medium and large dangles paired with a clay stud or a metallic disc.

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