You can find Daisy, the talented lady behind skeletonroad on Instagram, or come meet her at the Makers & Shakers on on November 6 at the Coburg Town Hall.



Daisy Wharton, aka skeleton road, is an artist, graphic designer and doodler based in Melbourne.

Maker Daisy has a Bachelor of Visual Art, with a minor in graphic design, which she is ¬†also slightly above average at, if she does say so herself! ¬†While procrastinating instead of finding a real job,Daisy set up a sarcastic greeting card/print line under the pseudonym “skeletonroad” in 2011. Daisy also paints and does freelance graphic design on the side.

All designs and printing is done by Daisy in her home/studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. With a little help from her unpaid intern/dad.

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