Find The Little Flame Co on Instagram, or meet the maker at the Makers & Shakers on Saturday 4 November at Albert Hall.

The Little Flame Co provides a premium quality burning experience encased in unique varieties of packaging for the modern luxury enthusiast or infinite candle lover. Made by hand in Goulburn NSW by Cheyenne, only the best quality supplies are sourced and top grade hand-crafted perfume oils are used which delivers you a pleasurable candle burning experience and sensory treat. Specialising in candles for daily use, special events from weddings to corporate functions, corporate gifts, wedding or baby showers and beyond, The Little Flame Co can customise and cater to your particular needs. Offering a refill service for Goulburn, Canberra and surrounds of not only TLFC jars but other brands, delivery to the studio or Barton Flower Bar, Barton ACT. A candle lit creates a moment.
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