The Pantry Detox

Catherine Suvoltos CollageThe Pantry Detox is a Melbourne based health food business committed to helping and inspiring others to live healthier lives through daily dietary choices.

The Pantry Detox was created through work that Catherine did to help others tidy and detox their pantries as well as through her strong passion for healthy cooking and eating. After seeing how many unhealthy snacks a lot of people tend to keep in their pantries, it inspired her to create a great tasting healthy snack in the form of a protein ball.  Catherine’s mission with these protein balls is to have an accessible snack for busy people that tastes like a decadent treat.

Catherine’s aim is to inspire others to cook nutritious meals at home with nutrient rich pantries as well as lots of fresh produce, and also encourage people to find a balance in their healthy routine where the occasional treat.

Find The Pantry Detox on Instagram and meet Catherine at our market on Sunday 17 April at the Coburg Town Hall