You can find Phoebe Mwanza, the talented lady behind The Prodigal Daughter on Instagram, or come meet her at the Pop Up on:


Phoebe collage

The Prodigal Daughter is the brainchild of founder, Phoebe Mwanza. The label chronicles Phoebe’s journey of reconnecting and re-discovering her African roots after spending many years disconnected from it.

Through the Prodigal Daughter, Phoebe has found a way of consolidating the collision of her two worlds and two cultures, marrying Africa’s bold and colorful prints to the tempered mute Australian landscape.

The result is a pallet of bold, strong, and uncompromising prints and colours derived from traditional African print designs. The style is comfortable, occasionally structured and unrestrained.

Each piece is more than just an item of clothing, it’s a statement. It is a way of celebrating individuality and the innate uniqueness that each of us are born with. Her ambition is not only to create beautiful silhouettes that celebrate the wearer but to liberate the independent woman to continue her rebellion.

The Prodigal Daughter is for the bold, the independent, the rebel and the non-conformist.

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