You can find the talented team behind Yano Designs on Instagram, or come meet them at the Makers & Shakers on November 6 at the Coburg Town Hall.



Yano Designs is a Melbourne based duo, who laser cut bamboo and acrylic, and handcraft concrete products that will find a place in any home. All their products are designed and made with love in their little workshop. They cut, etch and engrave their wooden and plastic products using a laser cutting machine, and then seal, paint and assemble them by hand. Each concrete plant pot is hand-mixed, poured and decorated with care.They also offer custom laser cutting services.

Their materials are largely sourced locally. The bamboo material they use for laser cutting is sustainably sourced by a local supplier who also accepts bamboo products/material once it has reached the end of it usable life for recycling or disposal. They also propagate and  grow a majority of their succulent plants that they sell with some of their concrete pots.

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