You can find Gav and Phil, the talented team behind You Me Happy on Instagram, or come meet them at the Makers & Shakers on November 6 at the Coburg Town Hall.



YOU ME HAPPY aims to provide our customers with the finest quality of loose leaf teas, fruit infusions, herbal tisanes, coffee, muesli, herbs & spice, soy wax candles and homewares.

You Me Happy was created when Gav and Phil met each other after searching for that special someone: it’s a love story, but their version. The You in the You Me Happy is not only meaning each other, but the ‘you” is the ‘tea’ etc. So ‘Tea + Me = Happy’

They are all about giving back, and  donate a portion of their profits to charities and also donate their tea to pay it forward cafes so people that are less fortunate can enjoy a nice cup of tea. Their brand is fun, loving and a little bit cheeky.

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